What is Banyax?

Banyax is a Virtual Cyber Defense Center (VCDC) the latest Information Security concept, it involves all the processes from the ingest and analytics of logs to Incident Response Automated Orchestration. Our VCDC is formed by a team of cybersecurity agents and analysts using next generation tools that apply Machine Learning combined with user and entity behavior analytics that makes easier for our VCDC team to find threats in your systems.

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Choosing Banyax as your security service provider will bring you all these benefits.

As a Service

We are completly focused in As a Service. You won’t have to worry about personal rotation, training, hardware, software, etc. We are OPEX not CAPEX

Fast Implementation

We can make it work in 1 month to get results, while with other technologies it can take from 4 to 6 months. We can do it fast and effective.

Cost Effective

Our service is from 2 to 5 times less expensive than doing it by your own, we don’t have ingest limits, cost for user, and it’s a montlhy cost.

Real Time Monitoring 24/7

Our Team can detect threats at the moment they are attacking your systems. We don’t sleep, you can be sure your systems will be always monitored.

Next Generation Tools

Banyax uses the best Last Generation Tools specialized for the detection and response to security incidents.

Compliance Leverage

Our Team is highly trained and certified. We apply best practices from the security industry and deliver compliance reports and CISO as a Service.



Monitoring Services

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • Correlation and events detection

  • Automatic Alerts

  • Advanced Analytics using “Machine Learning”

  • User & Entity Behavior Analytics

  • Threat Hunting


Incident Management

  • Fraud and Complaint Reporting Hotlines

  • Automation of responses to security events.

  • Incident response team.

  • Scaling and tracking to resolution.


Information Security Risk Management

  • Information security project management team.

  • Follow-up to compliance and audits

  • CISO As a Service

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Use Cases

Access Accounts

Machine learning models generated to detect incorrect use of credentials &/or access accounts

  • “Dormant” Accounts

  • Special “Watch List”

  • Discovery / Governance of Access Accounts

  • Compromised Credentials

  • “Peer Group Analysis”

  • Physical Access Analysis

  • Ex-Employee Access

  • Brute Force Attacks

  • Users sharing accounts

  • Illegal Account Creation

  • Permissions Self-elevation

  • Service Accounts Monitoring

  • Unauthorized Access to Assets

  • Blocked Accounts

  • VPN Monitoring

Data Security

Machine learning models generated to detect and prevent sensitive information or intellectual property leakage.

  • Email Traffic Peaks to Personal Accounts

  • Emails sent to competitors

  • Abnormal access to shared directories or critical files

  • Sensitive Files Printing.

  • Special “Watch List” on users prone to risk

  • Uploading / Downloading information to external sites

  • High Value Asset Monitoring

  • Strange “Queries” (results with abnormal size)

Cyber Threats

Machine learning models generated to detect strange behavior resulting from cyberattacks

  • Abnormal Processes Execution

  • Rare DNS Queries

  • Connections to malicious domains or IPs

  • Lateral Movement

  • Unusual session times or duration of user activity

  • Robotic Patterns Detection

  • Input / Output of high volumes of traffic

  • Unusual traffic by application or port

Cloud Protection

Machine learning models generated to extend all use cases into the cloud

  • Cloud Anomalous Access Detection (uploads, downloads)

  • Data Exfiltration Detection

  • Ex-employees Accessing Information in the Cloud

  • Strange Activity by Geo-locality

  • Abnormal Login Patterns (shared, stolen accounts)

  • Cloud Unauthorized Access

  • Cloud Unauthorized Services Execution

  • Compromised Accounts/Credentials

  • Brute Force Attacks