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As a Service

Banyax provides all the resources you need to keep your bussines operation secured. We use a Next Generation SIEM managed by our certified team and hosted in a high aviability and security Data Center, to monitor all the logs your systems are sending every second.

Fast Implementation

Our service was created with for the organizations that require the last in security controls and best practices, but do not have an unlimited budget for expensive tools and experienced certified cyber defense personnel. In addition, we charge per user, not per GB processed, which gives predictability in cost and also we don’t have ingest limits.

Cost Effective

Our implementation lasts 4 weeks, divided into 4 phases of 1 week each.  In the first 2 weeks we make a Scope Definition and the Installation and Configuration of harvesting tools. In the third week we begin with the Machine learning and at the end of the month we make the Alignment of work teams (client and banyax) with the first discoveries of our VCDC.

cost effective

Real Time Monitoring 24/7

Banyax works 24 hours the 365 days of the year. Cybercriminals don’t sleep, we neither. This ensures that the threats attacking your systems will be properly detected and notified in a manner that allows the effective incident response.

Next Generation Tools

We work with the best next generation tools in the industry. Exabeam is a great example of it. We use it as our Next Generation SIEM that help us to detect abnormal behavior in your systems through artificial intelligence.

compliance leverage

Compliance Leverage

All the Team in our VCDC is highly trained and certified. We only use processes defined by the industry standards. Get CISO as a Service and compliance reports. Everything you need to meet in terms of security you have it with us.